Ajay Devgn Confesses That Revealing Kajol’s Mobile Number on Twitter Was a PRANK!
Ajay Devgn (File image)

Okay! So all of the buzz around Kajol's number has finally died down. Guess what? It was a just a prank! Yes, the actor recently shared a tweet revealing that the 'accidental revelation' of Kajol number's was a prank. In the latest tweet, he wrote, 'Pranks on film set are so passé… so tried pulling one on you guys here.. @KajolAtUN'. If that was the plan of the actor, he surely has excelled in it!

Check out the tweet here!

While the fans relished this moment of 'accident' on the social media, trolled him for revealing the mobile number of his wife, Ajay was totally enjoying the chaos. The Golmaal actor is known to be one of the biggest pranksters of B-town and he has totally lived up to that image! Not everyone can be so impromptu with such ideas, right? After Ajay Devgn Shares Kajol's Mobile Number on Twitter, Fans Harass Her and Troll the Actor (Read Tweets)

Meanwhile, the trolls were already on their way to troll the Raid actor for giving out such a crucial information. Many of them even thought that his account was hacked and that the actress will have to block her number. Some perverts even texted (read harassed) Kajol on WhatsApp to confirm that it is actually her. What's funny is that they were delighted to see the 'double tick' on their messages. Well, sad for you trolls, but you have fallen prey to Ajay Devgn and Kajol's mind-boggling prank!