Pahlaj Nihalani has been fighting with certain health issues for almost a month now. While he wanted to keep it low-key, news about his health surfaced online and became a topic of discussion amongst people. The filmmaker was admitted for 28 days in a hospital and after getting treated for the ailment, he recently came back home. Nihalani finally opened up about the ailment and revealed that he will sue the eatery that caused the deterioration in his health. Entertainment Industry is Run by Glamorous Mafia, Says Pahlaj Nihalani.

Talking to a leading news portal, Pahlaj revealed, “I didn’t tell anyone about it. Only my family knew. And Shatrughan Sinhaji who is family. This journalist called up everyone in my family repeatedly until he got the truth. That’s how everyone came to know. Otherwise who cares in this industry whether you live or die, especially during these times when life has become so uncertain,”

He went on to narrate what really happened and told, “Around a month ago I was at home alone. Even my wife was away, when suddenly one evening some members of the unit for a film that we made during the pandemic, dropped in. It was late. And I had to order for them from outside. My food was cooked at home. I never eat outside. But there wasn’t enough for everyone. So we ordered food."

"Chicken is the only non-vegetarian item I eat, so they urged me to join them. Out of politeness, I agreed. The minute I bit into the chicken I knew something was wrong. But the others assured me it was okay. So we ate. They left. After a while, I felt uneasy and vomited. I felt okay after that. So I just tried to sleep. At around 3 am I vomited a whole lot of blood. That’s when I panicked and called my son. Luckily he stays in the same building, ” revealed the filmmaker.

He added that his son called their doctor who advised that Pahlaj should be taken to the hospital immediately. He was admitted to Nanavati hospital for 28 days where no one was even allowed to visit him because of the pandemic. Nihalani used to speak to his wife on video calls. “Within hours all my tests were done. I was lucky. Anyone with a less caring family and less attentive medical team would have died. I’ve been pulled out of the jaws of death,” said Pahlaj.

He also revealed that it was not Covid. "I got Covid in April 2020. I recovered at home. This was much more serious. I was hospitalized for the first time in my life. No one knew if I’d come out alive. I survived because God and my family were with me.” He now intends to take strong legal action against the eatery that served him stale food. Varun Dhawan And Natasha Dalal Wedding: Here’s What Pahlaj Nihalani Has To Say About The Couple’s Intimate Ceremony.

“It could have been the last meal of my life. Everyone who ate that night was ill. But I was hit the hardest. I urge everyone to have only home-cooked meals in these hard times," he added.

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