Shah Rukh Khan Eats 'Paani Puri' From This 'Thelavaala' and We Wonder If He Asks For An Extra Puri!
Shah Rukh Khan Eats Paani Puri at Zero Trailer Launch! (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

How often does Shah Rukh Khan must be eating paani puri? We think never! Not because he can't afford to go out on streets like an aam aadmi, thanks to his superstardom, to relish Paani Puri, but because he never wanted to. Yes. SRK famously said in a TV interview that his aim was to travel in a corporate jet and not to eat paani puri! So yes he doesn't miss the street Paani Puri at all!

But on his 53rd birthday, SRK did what made for a rare picture. Here's the birthday boy seen easting paani puri with the director of Zero Anand L Rai at Mumbai's IMAX Wadala. Yes, the city of Meerut was recreated at the aforementioned venue and various famous cuisines from the place were on a display. Presswallas had a gala time at the event as they relished the food on offer! But who would have thought that the superstar himself would enjoy Paani Puri at this do! Shah Rukh Khan Releases Trailer of Zero on His Birthday: Rakesh Sharma Biopic, Zero, Don 3, Dhoom 4 and List of Other Upcoming Movies of SRK

Shah Rukh Khan Relishes Paani Puri At Zero Trailer Launch! (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

The visual is self-explanatory! After taking a look at this one, we wondered if Shah Rukh asked for the spicy water or an extra puri which is mandatory if one is a real true Paani Puri fan. While Shah Rukh Khan plays a vertically challenged man in Anand L Rai's directorial venture, Anushka Sharma plays a paraplegic in the movie. It is Katrina Kaif's character that has drawn our undivided attention thanks to the power she wields. Now we are certainly looking forward to watch the action unfold on December 21, 2018!