New Delhi, Jan 7: Actor and humanitarian Sonu Sood says that 2020 has been a tough year, and was like a reality check for us. Sood, who authored the book 'I Am No Messiah', says that it taught us to put others before us and to keep out families closer to us than ever. Sonu Sood on His Autobiography 'I am No Messiah': Heartening to See the Support.

"2020 has been a tough year. But I am happy and I feel blessed that I got the chance to help so many people. The year was like a reality check for us. It taught us to put others before us and to keep out families closer to us than ever. It gave me the opportunity to interact with so many people. I feel like we are one big happy family now. Going ahead, I hope we continue to be kind and compassionate beings.

"I wouldn't like to look at it like that. While I'm happy to have the support and love of so many people from all around the country, I don't see it as a pressure on me. I will keep doing what I've been doing with the same vigour. My parents have always told me that with success and privilege comes responsibility. I am always going to remember their words. The love that I have received has only motivated me to keep working hard and being there for people to the best of my ability," Sood told IANSlife.

In his memoir, 'I Am No Messiah', Sonu combines the extraordinary experiences of his journey from Moga to Mumbai. Honest, inspirational and heart-warming, this is the story of Sonu Sood and of the people whose lives he continues to transform. Sonu's memoir, co-written with veteran journalist and author Meena K Iyer, which was released recently is being well received by readers from across India. A number of people whose life Sonu has touched, NGOs and various institutions are coming on board to support the book. From Sonu Sood To Prabhas, Celebs Who Turned Real Life Heroes During Coronavirus Pandemic.

During the nationwide lockdown, imposed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, when a wave of poverty-stricken migrants set out on foot to make their arduous journey back home, the value of seva, service to mankind, instilled in him by his parents, spurred Sonu Sood into action. From taking to the streets and reaching out to the stranded, to setting up a dedicated team and making arrangements for national and international transport, Sonu managed to help thousands of helpless and needy workers. Thus, began his 'Ghar Bhejo' programme, carried out like a humanitarian mission. Chartered flights, buses and trains were sanitized and paid for. Distress calls from all over the world were answered. Soon, the movement snowballed into a campaign for providing jobs, medical facilities and educational aid to workers.

Sonu says, "While 2020 has been a challenging year in many ways, it has offered me an opportunity to reach out to millions of people and connect with them directly. During the course of this journey, I have learnt and gained a lot from them. I have shared my experiences in my memoirs I Am No Messiah, and it is heartening to see the support the book is receiving not just from book readers but various organisations and institutes who truly believe in our efforts to help people during these difficult times."

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