Suhana Khan's Unseen Pretty Picture as 'Juliet' Will Make You Ask When is She Joining Bollywood?
Suhana Khan in her play as 'Juliet'. (Photo Credits: Instagram/fanclub)

Shah Rukh Khan’s fans are always up to know about his next films. However, they are equally excited to know what’s in store for his daughter Suhana Khan. It is almost confirmed that she will soon be a part of this industry but only after she preps herself fully for it. However, she stunned everyone with her pictures from the play at her college abroad. She was playing the beautiful Juliet in the cult Romeo and Juliet play and SRK was so much proud of her! Now, a new still from the same play has emerged on the Internet. Suhana Khan Chills in the Pool With Her Furry Friend – Watch Video.

Check out Suhana's Pretty Picture Here:

Suhana Khan in her play as 'Juliet'. (Photo Credits: Instagram/Fanclub)

In this new pic, she is seen with her classmate/co-star on the stage enacting in their respective roles. We must say that she indeed looks damn dedicated to being a Bollywood princess and King Khan is making sure that she does.

In fact, did you know that she was also her dad’s assistant director on the sets of Zero? She even made sure that he reached early on the sets of the film. You can also spot her in the making video of “mere naam tu” from the flick. You see, how dimpled superstar is preparing his girl for the big bad Bollywood world?

Earlier, she was quoted speaking about flying away abroad for her education saying, “Moving away at age 16 was the best decision of my life. Living in a different environment and meeting so many new people helped me gain a lot of confidence. It’s about being able to do the little things, like a walk on the street or take the train—stuff that was so hard to do in Mumbai. But living away also made me appreciate home so much more.” Well, we wonder when will she enter B-town now.