Chris Hemsworth Is Netflix and Chilling in India and, No, THAT Is Not What We Mean – View Pics
Chris Hemsworth In India

We sort of saw this coming when we heard the news about Chris Hemsworth starring in the movie named Dhaka. And yet we are having trouble containing our excitement that the actor is in India. The movie is a Netflix Original and will feature the actor saving the life of an Indian boy. To shoot for Dhaka, the actor is India and pictures of him are going viral on the internet. A few Indians were lucky enough to run into him and, all those good Samaritans made sure to upload the pictures on social media for us to consume. [Picture] Is That Iron Man With Six Infinity Stones or Just Robert Downey Jr’s Halloween Decoration?

So, there's that. Chris Hemsworth is chilling in India as he clicks pictures with fans. And he is also Netflixing in India as he shoots for Dhaka. What did you think we meant?

We are totally looking forward to seeing more pictures of Chris Hemsworth in India. Or better, bumping into him in person.

In other, sort of related news, Chris Hemsworth will be next seen in Avengers 4, reprising the role of Thor. And boy, are we excited. We don't even know what the Infinity War sequel is called at the moment and it's still the most anticipated movie of 2019. What is interesting is that the script of Dhaka has been written by Joe Russo, one of the directors of Avengers 4. The man is also producing the movie.

BTW, if you happen to run into Chris Hemsworth in India don't forget to pester him about the title of Avengers 4. Will you?