Harry Styles Drops a Big Surprise for Fans, Releases New Song 'Watermelon Sugar' At the Same Time as His SNL Hosting Debut (Watch Video)
Harry Styles performs at SNL and releases new single. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Harry Styles made his Saturday Night Live hosting debut over the weekend and slayed his first-ever monologue with digs at his personal life as well as his history with former band One Direction. Fans had been looking forward to Style's SNL hosting debut and were in a treat for something more too. Just as they were having fun watching Styles perform skits with the SNL cast, his new single "Watermelon Sugar" dropped online. The song is the second single off of Harry‘s upcoming album Fine Line, which will be released on December 13. Harry released the first single “Lights Up” back in October. Is Harry Styles’ ‘Lights Up’ Song and Video About Sex, Drugs and Finding Own Self?

It certainly is an exciting time to be a Harry Styles fan. The British singer had also recently his upcoming tour 'Love on Tour'. As for his new single, fans already can't get enough of it and are playing it on loop. The timing of his single release was surely interesting though as it left fans rushing online to check out the new song. The song's hook lyrics are, "Tastes like strawberries, On a summer evening, And it sounds just like a song, I want more berries

And that summer feeling, It's so wonderful and warm, Watermelon Sugar High."

Check Out Harry Styles' New Song Here:

Hearing the new song, a Twitter user wrote, "Our expectations were high as fuck but damn he still exceeded them." Harry also performed the new number at Saturday Night Live, looking all glam in a red suit. Check out Twitter reactions to Harry's new song. Harry Styles Looks Exactly like Louis Tomlinson with His New Hairstyle and 'Larry Stylinson' Shippers Have Risen Again!

What a Performance!

The Sheer Chaos of Harry Styles Being Everywhere:

Juggling Between SNL and the New Song Release:

Harry Styles' SNL debut too seems to have been highly successful. The singer poked fun at his relationships by comparing hosting SNL to dating and being in a relationship. He said, "And just like all my serious relationships, were gonna spend one incredible night together and then never see each other again." Tell us how you found Harry's SNL episode and his new song in comments below!