Mission Impossible Fallout Trailer: Tom Cruise Continues to WOW Us With Death Defying Stunts But a Moustached Henry Cavill Is the Real Scene-Stealer
Still from Mission: Impossible - Fallout trailer

You have to give it to Tom Cruise for attempting the impossible. Even as he touches 55 years of age, the actor continues his tradition of doing death-defying stunts many of which he performs by himself. While Cruise hasn't found success much in some of his other releases of late, the Mission: Impossible series has always been that hen that lays golden eggs for him, every damn time. And going by the latest trailer of Mission: Impossible - Fallout, it looks like the egg just got bigger.

So yeah, Tom Cruise is back for the sixth time as the always on the run, IMF Agent Ethan Hunt. However, like some of his last releases, there are people out there who are looking to steal his spotlight. Rogue Nation had the terrific Rebecca Ferguson, who thankfully, returns for Fallout too. But here, it is Henry Cavill and his controversial moustache (he was not allowed to shave it for Justice League reshoots, forcing the CGI team to digitally remove it to hilarious results) that threaten to steal the show from Cruise. While we are still not sure if Cavill's assassin is the main antagonist, he sure makes one formidable foe with his beefed-up appearance. As Angela Bassett's character puts up, he is the Hammer to Tom Cruise's scalpel.

There are some terrific stunts which involve Cruise in various states of peril and coming out of them without a bone broken. Simon Pegg's inclusion means there is humour too. And we also to revisit Hunt's personal life, with Michelle Monaghan returning to play his wife.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is directed by Christopher McQuarrie who also made Rogue Nation. Alec Baldwin, Ving Rhames and Vanessa Kirby also form the part of the cast. The movie is scheduled to release in July.