Rihanna Jokes About Basketball Player Kevin Durant's COVID-19 Diagnosis, the Sports Star Gives It Back
Rihanna, Durant (Photo Credits: Instagram)

So, we have two big stories rolled in one. Firstly, Rihanna ignored Drake online on an Instagram LIVE, which the world was watching. Secondly, Drake should not have inserted himself into the conversation in the first place because Rihana and NBA player Kevin Durant were joking about COVID-19. DJ Spade held an Insta live, on which the aforementioned stars commented.

Brooklyn Nets star has recently tested positive for coronavirus. Seeing him in the comments section, Rihanna joked about his diagnosis. “Is KD allowed in here? Should I wear a mask to this live?” the pop star posted.

“Back with my mask," she added and asked the sports star where he was.

Durant was not going to take this jibe so easily. He also hit back at Rihanna. To begin with, he referred to her as Robyn, her real name. And he asked her, "Didn't you just come back from Europe?"

Rihanna responded that she has been staying in the US for the past two months. "Nah, easy money slut!  Been in your dump ass country last two months," she hit back. But...she also added that she wishes Durant recovers quickly.

Check Out The Conversation Here:

Meanwhile, Drake just lurked around in the chats and everyone ignored. Prior to Durant's diagnosis, he partied with the rapper. Later, Drake got tested as well and was diagnosed as negative fro COVID-19.

Durant is one of 13 players or team members in the NBA to have tested positive for coronavirus since March 11.