Inder Jeet is the most popular singer artist of Himachal Pradesh, who is also known as Inder Jeet Folk Singer, not one but many such songs he gave to Himachali culture, the songs which crossed the million mark and also wrote it when he sings own and show Himachali culture in it.

Ladi Shawni Himachal Pradesh's very famous song sung by Inder jeet, he launched the 4th part of this famous song, showing the culture of Himachal under the banner of Isur studio, whose director was Suresh Sur, Part 1 of this song is so famous that by the love of people In Himachali culture, this song's Ladi shawni 4 went on trending on YouTube, which created a new history in Himachal and music was given to this song by Surendra Negi. laadi shwani 1 reached 11 million, laadi shwani 2 reached 6.7 million, laadi shwani 3 reached 3 million, laadi shwani 4 which was launched recently crossed 6 lac views within 1 month.

Sung by Inder Jeet this is the most popular of Himachali culture and most loved by the people. In this song it is shown that how we should live with our lover and give them all happiness, part 1 shows the love story of both and in part 2 these two lovers get married husband most of the time on phone Keep busy, do not pay attention to the housework and laadi shawni goes to maternal home to teach a lesson Part 3 I have been shown that laadi shawni comes back but husband does some action again and then again shawni goes to maternal home And in part 4, his house starts running well again and an atmosphere of happiness is created in his house, in this song it is shown that respect the women of your house, extend your hand in work with them and do your work as much as possible do it yourself.

Inderjit has been awarded with many awards :

Excellence Award by Divya Himachal News Paper was given in 2017 by Chief Justice of High Court Dharam Chand Choudhary.

Received many awards from many institutions: - Best folk singer, best folk singer of the year, culture promoter, best achiever, and many more.

Received "Himachali Folk Star" award in 2021 from Himachal cabinet minister (education, language and culture) Mr. Govind Singh Thakur.