The online series Jaal, which is available on Ullu App for streaming, stars Taniya Chatterjee. She can be recognised in the show's parallel protagonist character, "Surekha." She is a loving woman who is sentimental and considerate of her spouse. Despite her best efforts, her husband was difficult to get along with.

She gradually began to feel something for her husband's brother, who had feelings for her as well. Things began to change for them, which produced numerous tragedies and scenarios that became the show's central theme. She is a good person who doesn't want to hurt others, but her emotions and feelings drive her to act in certain ways. All this makes her something that she is not leading to many twists and turns in the show. The show revolves around emotional drama in which Taniya plays an important role. The character of Surekha in the show is of a family woman who does everything for her husband and his family but the dysfunctionality existing in their home makes things really difficult.

Taniya can be quoted as expressing that she has had a singular experience thanks to this. She can be seen performing as a character and having a different appearance from her prior performances as a western icon. This is what makes this show so unique and captivating. She is happy to work with everyone on the team and is looking forward to the show.

Taniya has also worked in many other shows and web series. She is most recognised for her contributions to the Gandi Baat 4 web series by Alt Balaji. She performed Chandani's part. She also made numerous other Ullu online series Kasak appearances.

Starting on June 21st, you can watch the live stream of the show “Jaal” on the Ullu App.