Here’s Why Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s Raman Bhalla Is NOT a Good Husband
Raman Bhalla of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is everything a husband should not be! (Photo Credit: Urban Asia)

The current track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has a paralyzed Raman who is so consumed by his sudden disability to walk or carry on his day-to-day activities, he doesn't see how hard his wife is trying to make him feel normal and good about himself. Now I love Raman - Ishita's chemistry and all of that but Raman is a pretty crappy husband. Let's start from the beginning. He married Ishita so Ruhi could have a mother but he was not even grateful to her for taking care of his daughter. Of course, things changed after they fell in love but not for good.

The two have parted ways multiple time and mostly because Raman wasn't man enough to trust his wife. Well, one time because he couldn't remember her because his sister was giving him the wrong medicines that affected his memories. But it's incredibly annoying to see Ishita prove her love to Raman every time. He was even ready to marry his wife's sister, who was his own brother's ex-wife, just to make Ishita jealous! The number of times Raman has made Ishita prove her love and loyalty to him is unbelievable. This is despite every other member of the family trusting her guts.

I agree that all TV shows have had women constantly trying to prove that they are loyal to the family but this one is the worse. I am particularly offended by Raman being the worst husband because I used to like this show. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has had some really good tracks. No matter what Ishita does, he is always treating her like crap. Such a masochistic behaviour! It's always his feelings before hers and that's everything a husband should not be.

Even when she was accused of killing Ananya, he promised to get her out of the situation but never actually did anything. He also broke ties with her when she killed Adi, who was ready to kill his ex-wife, instead of trying to understand what she is going through. Above all, he has questioned her maternal instincts and feelings towards the kids so many times. I mean, the whole reason she agreed to marry him was so she could be Ruhi's mother. She fought for Adi's custody only because Shagun was a bad mom then.

The current track is a little more irritating because they are dragging the whole "Raman is frustrated with his disability" track. I mean, this could have taken such a positive turn but it's getting worse by the minute. All Raman does is act like a toughie, scream at her and push her away when she is trying to make things normal for him. I have hardly seen Raman trying to make life normal or beautiful for Ishita. I am not counting all their romantic moments because those are pretty normal. Any man who loves his wife can do these things. And I am not saying here that Raman doesn't love his wife.

He does love Ishita but why would you treat someone you love like a punching bag? This is exactly the kind of behaviour that needs to stop existing in our society. For a show that has spoken about issues like molestation, fraud, parenting and a lot of societal issues, it's disappointing to see the main male character being portrayed so weak throughout the show. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.