Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task, Bharat Pe Luxury where the house is divided into two teams. Team A: Sidharth, Shefali, Arhaan, Shehnaaz, Himanshi and Bhau. Team B: Paras, Devo, Rashami, Vishal, Khesari, Mahira and Arti. There are two house shaped frames kept in the garden area and contestants have to fill the frame with colouring paper sheets. The team whose house will be competed first, will win. But the twist is that two members from the opponent team can destroy the papers.

Arti confesses to Shehnaaz and Sidharth that looks like 'team Shukla' ko nazar lagi hai. To which Sidharth does not agree and says that it is our peoples fault. 

Sitting alone in a corner, Shehnaaz Gill talks to herself that she will now not fight with Shukla as all things is fine between them. She further adds that she is not comfortable right now and hopes to come again on the show as the bubbly Sana. 

The wild card entrant, Vishal Aditya Singh tells Hindustani Bhau to not sleep all the damn time. To which, Bhua responds in an angry tone that he is allowed to sleep as he consumes medicines. In no time, Vishal goes in front of the camera and yells at Bigg Boss saying that 'please, he also wants the same medicine to sleep all day'. He further adds that no matter what he will now sleep. Oops, Bigg Boss se panga, not good!

This is for the first time in the history of Bigg Boss an announcement is made for two girls wherein its all about to shut them up for talking in Gujarati. FYI, Shefali and Rashami were arguing over curd in their mother tongue. Hehehe!

After seeing not one but may contestants sleeping during the day, BB calls the housemates in the living area and as punishment cancels the captainship task. Bigg Boss blasts at the inmates. Well done!

Rashami has a issue and gets into an heated argument with Arhaan Khan. Desai tells him to stop avoiding her in the house and face it. An agitated Khan tells her to deal things in her own way and let him also do the same. Rashami walks off from the conversation leaving Arhaan blank. During the convo, Desai also states that the two are just friends. Finally after a few minutes, the two patch up. 

Looks like finally we are seeing love blooming inside the Bigg Boss house. As Rashami and Arhaan's little banter where Desai says 'TV bahu hu bura lagta hai' is the cutest thing we are hearing till now. Aww! 

It is all due to Shehnaaz Gill that BFF, Asim and Sidharth break into a fight. Gill goes and complains to Sid that Riaz is acting weird and bossy with regards to house duties. Amidst the same, Asim appears and asks Shukla to talk to him as the topic of discussion is he. Then the two boys argue out loud and also get physical. Sid tells Asim that he should feel lucky that he is sharing the platform with him. 

Sidharth Shukla feels depressed after Asim Riaz's allegations on him. During his conversation with Arti Singh he says that he is hurt by Riaz's words where the model blamed him for the team's failure in the captaincy task. 

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The controversial reality show Bigg Boss 13 is on the right track. Last night's episode (13th November), showed us how team Sidharth Shukla lost the captaincy task badly. It was Arhaan Khan who played the '3 Rakshas' task immensely well and one by one destroyed all the plates of the opponents. That's not it, as Asim Riaz was seen unhappy with pal Sidharth Shukla. All that being said, going by preview clip, today fans will see Shukla and Riaz yelling and fighting with each other. So is this back-to-back fights between Asim and Sidharth an end to their friendship? Bigg Boss 13 Day 45 Preview: Sidharth Shukla Gets Into a Physical Fight With Asim Riaz and the Lazy Housemates Get Punished (Watch Video).

That's not it, as during a new task we will also see TV bahu, Devoleena Bhattacharjee blasting at Hindustani Bhau. Seems like tonight's episode will be packed with drama and fans are going to see a lot of fireworks. Get ready for the same, read every single update from Day 45 of BB 13 house here. Bigg Boss 13 Day 44 Highlights: Demon Vishal Aditya Singh Goes the Neutral Way, Neither Supports Sidharth Shukla nor Rashami Desai.