Rashami gives her clothes to Shehnaaz which pisses Devoleena. Devo makes Desai understand that she needs to learn to say no and not be a mother India. 

Bigg Boss introduces a new task for the guys in the house wherein the boys are divided into three teams. Sid-Asim, Vishal-Bhau and Arhaan-Khesari. The task is all about the men of the house going through some muddy and black obstacles. The team who at the end washes their face with Garnier facewash and comes out clean in less time wins it. Asim and Riaz does the same in 1.08  seconds and gets a gift hamper from Garnier. 

Amidst the chaos around Mahira's lips, when things calm down, Paras and Sharma talk it out inside the ail. The man apologises to the girl for the ill he said and that's how the two are again besties. FYI, it's Paras who in a fun way pulls Mahira's leg on BB 13 and have time and again called her chipkali and also commented on her pimples. 

Devoleena explains to Bhau that a comment one's personality is still fine but on a body part is WRONG. Well, we do agree to Gopi bahu here. Further, Rashami also adds that we are TV actresses and such comments are not right.

After Bhau's nasty lip comment on Mahira, the girl blames Paras for the same, as she feels that he is one who added the seed in the YouTuber's mind about the lips. The sad part is that along with the entire ghar, even Paras laughs at Sharma during the 'chipkali' comment and so the babe is upset with her pal. The two scream and fight out in the jail and later Mahira breaks down.

For his last video, Hindustani Bhau picks Shehnaaz. He tags her fake and not innocent. He also adds that one should not tell a secret to Shenaaz, as she can't keep one. 

Next target of Bhau is Mahira. The YouTuber rips the girl left, right and centre and calls her 'bade nooth ki chopkali'. Bhau further adds that Mahira puts her foot in each quarrel in the ghar without any reason. He further also tags her a boy trapped in a girl's body. 

Bhau first picks Paras for the video and tags him a 'chamdi'. Elaborating on the same, what Bhau means that Chhabra is a wannabe and roams behind every girl in the house. 

Bigg Boss gives a task to Bhau and tells him to make three videos featuring any housemates. But there is also a warning for him and it is, Bhau can't be abusive. 

Bigg Boss gathers all the inmates in the living area and quizzes them to choose two names who according to them are the least deserving ones and needs to be sent to the jail. Major votes come in for Mahira and Paras which makes the two BFF straight go behind the bars. 

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Bigg Boss 13 is slowly and steadily turning into a battlefield and there's no stopping to the same. Going by a few glimpses of tonight's episode, we can confirm that once again the contestants played stupidly in a task. The housemates are divided into two teams for a luxury budget task and they turn a good task into a worst one. It is Sana (Shehnaaz) who supposedly started the mayhem and then there's damage everywhere. Not just this, almost the entire house tonight is going to target Mahira Sharma. Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma and Paras Have A Showdown As The Latter Laughs When Hindustani Bhau Calls Her 'Bade Honth Wali Chipkali' (Watch Video).

Hindustani Bhau is going to a make a disguising comment on Mahira Sharma and the babe will be further seen depressed and crying. The saddest part will be that Paras Chhabra, Mahira's bestie will also not take her side. Drama, fights and tantrums, tune into our updates to know each and every details. Stay glued! Bigg Boss 13: Wildcards Arhaan Khan and Khesari Lal Yadav Are The 'Least Deserving', Vishal Aditya Singh Is ‘The Most Loved’, Say Audience (View Poll Results).