Debutante director Maanavi Bedi says she found it difficult to direct her husband Karan Mally especially for the romantic scenes for their upcoming web series Lock'd IN. The slice of life series revolves around the newly dating couple that get stuck living together because of the lockdown; their bitter sweet journey in discovering one another, and in-turn discovering a bit of themselves. Ganpati Visarjan 2021: Shah Rukh Khan Bids Adieu to Lord Ganesha on Anant Chaturdashi.

Talking about the same, Maanavi shared: "We shot the entire series with a five-person crew on set, including a sound recordist. All of us donned several hats. I had to direct as well as do make up/hair and help the DOP with the camera as his assistant, apart from being my own assistant. It was tough but also fun. Directing my husband was difficult on a personal level, especially the romantic scenes." Urfi Javed Goes All Black, Opts for a Velvet Bralette Along With an Embellished Jacket and Oxidised Jewellery (View Pics).

Lock'd IN features casting director cum actor Karan Mally alongside Anna Ador. "My thought was to make sure Anna was comfortable because the couple need to have an onscreen chemistry, which should be unaffected by the wife's presence. Hats off to Anna for pulling off such a fine performance. But since our house was the set, post shoot it was uncomfortable to face the guy who was now my husband," Maanavi added with a smile. Also starring Aisha Ahmed, Abhay Mahajan, Sunny Sharma and Puja Sarup, the series is backed by Petrichor Films LLP. Lock'd IN is slated to release on September 24.

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