Air India Wheel Chair Passenger Dies At Mumbai International Airport After Being Denied Boarding Due to 'Overbooked' Flight
Air India flight. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Mumbai July 10:  In a shocking incident, an Indian passenger travelling from Mumbai to Mangalore, was not allowed to board the flight because it was 'overbooked' and checked him into the hotel overnight instead. According to a Mumbai Mirror report, the deceased, who was wheel-chair bound, stayed in Tel Aviv was on his way to Mangalore to see a doctor for spinal cord injury. Air India Revokes Ban on Zam Zam Water From Two Flights, Allows Haj Pilgrims to Carry it Under Permissible Limit.

He had flown to the country to seek medical help for his injury because it had started impacting his leg.  His family was waiting with an ambulance outside the Mangalore Airport to take him to the hospital, got a huge jolt when they carried his coffin instead. From Mumbai, William had an inter-connecting Air India flight to Mangalore

William Fernandes, a father of two worked as a nurse in Tel Aviv and was accompanied by his friend Arun. According to the statement of the latter, when he left the hotel, William didn't complain of any discomfort, but when he went looking for a wheelchair for him in the Mumbai Airport, he had collapsed in the car by then.

His family tried to lodge a complaint of negligence against the airline, but the formalities couldn't be completed because of the absence of a few essential documents, which were not received till then. William had met with an accident in Tel Aviv last year, and the tests after that revealed that he had damaged his 6th, 7th and 8th vertebrae and would have to undergo surgery, so he decided to do it in India.

The airline in their defense said that there was no intimation from the passenger about any medical emergency. However, the family of the deceased is in no mood to take this negligence lightly and will ask for the CCTV footage to see what happened on that day.