ATM Fraud Cases Rise: Mumbai Tops With 233 And Delhi at Second With 179 Incidents, Reveals RBI Data For 2018-19
ATM/ Debit Cards (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Mumbai, July 22: There has been a tremendous rise in ATM fraud cases in the country. According to data revealed by Reserve Bank of India, in 2018-19, the total number of ATM fraud cases have increased from  911 to 980. Mumbai tops the list with 233 cases and Delhi is at the second spot with 179 cases. Online Fraud: Mumbai Ophthalmologist Loses Rs 14 Lakh After SIM Gets Compromised And Day-Care Staff Cheated of Rs 1 Lakh While Making Payment at Online Job Portal.

Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura are the only three states that didn't report a single ATM fraud case, according to a Times of India report. The data, however, has not taken frauds involving anything less than Rs 1 lakh, so in reality, the numbers will be much more.

Online frauds are a huge concern as people are losing their hard-earned money in the hands of these crooks every day, who are devising new strategies to dupe people. The most common trick in the ATM fraud case is-installing skimmer devices on ATMs and point-of-sale machines, which are used to copy data from the cards.