New Delhi, June 27: An earthquake was reported in Rohtak region of Haryana on Saturday night, less than 48 hours after the area was mildly jolted by low-intensity tremors. The quake today was also reported to be of low-intensity, measuring 2.4 magnitude on the richter scale. No damage to properties or human casualties were reported.

"An earthquake of magnitude 2.4 on the Richter scale hit 3 km northwest of Rohtak, Haryana at 21:11:23 (IST) today," said the National Center for Seismology. Earthquake in Jammu and Kashmir: Quake of Magnitude 4.4 Hits 332 km Northeast of Hanle.

The earthquake on Saturday in Rohtak was reported for a second day in a row. The region, which lies close to Delhi-NCR, had on Friday afternoon reported a mild intensity quake of 2.8 magnitude which had caused no loss of life or assets.

Update by ANI

The national capital region has recorded more than a dozen earthquakes since April this year. Scientists have linked the spree of low-intensity tremors to the movement of rocks beneath the earth's crust. No red-flag has been raised for the residents, with experts claiming that there is no imminent or long-run danger.

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