Maharashtra: Web Media Association to Hold Crucial Meeting for Web News Portals and Journalists on March 18
Web Media Association (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Mumbai, February 27: A crucial meeting of web news portals and its journalists will be held in Maharashtra on March 18, 2020. The announcement in this regard was made by the Web Media Association, an organization which has been formed for journalists. The association has a 9-member working group, headed by senior journalist Anil Mahajan who has been in the field of media since 2004. The journalists working in digital media had formed an association of web scribes earlier this month. The group is called "Web Media, TV Journalist Association Vidhimandal Mantralaya, Mumbai".

In Maharashtra, around 15000 to 20000 web portals are operated at tehsil and district level under the umbrella of Web Media Association. The Association consists of web news portals at district level and tehsil level across the state. This web media association has been created for the rights of journalists. The Web Media Association has (registration number - 284/2020 GBBSD Mumbai Maharashtra). Web Media TV Journalist Association Formed, Anil Mahajan Appointed as President.

However, the Centre and the state government have not decided any policy the association so far. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of the Central Government is yet to implement a media policy for the association which disseminates information at local levels in Maharashtra. Reports inform that officials of the association will speak to Union Minister Prakash Javadekar so that every web news portal holder of web media can get RNI number.

There are a total of nine Directors in Web Media Association with Anil Mahajan as the President of Web Media Association. The director members include- Irfan Sheikh, Ganesh Pujari, Abhijit Patil, Anand Sharma, Ayaz Mohsin, Narendra Kasbe, Mowli Dange, Pramod Dandagwhan.