New Delhi, January 18: The Delhi High Court on Monday observed that people could choose not to join WhatsApp as it is "voluntary" to accept the updated terms and conditions of the social media platform. Delhi High Court judge Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva told the petitioner challenging WhatsApp's new privacy policy that he was free to move to another app if he had concerns over the security of his data. Elon Musk Advocates Signal App over WhatsApp After the Updated Privacy Policy.

"It is a private app. Don't join it. Use some other app," said Justice Sachdeva. The hearing has been adjourned to January 25. The court further added that Even Google maps captured all their data and stored it. Justice Sachdeva said that people would be surprised as to what all they were consenting to. Signal & Telegram the New Whatsapp? As People Opt for Other Messaging Apps After New Privacy Policy, Funny Memes and Jokes Take over Social Media!.

The court even stated that it could not understand what data would be leaked. Meanwhile, Facebook, the company which owns WhatsApp, told the court that the social media platform has constantly reiterated that the messages are encrypted, and even WhatsApp can not read it. It further added that changes had been made with regard to Business WhatsApp. Meanwhile, the Centre told the court that the new privacy policies need some consideration.

Facing intense criticism worldwide amid a court case in India, WhatsApp has deferred its new data privacy policy by three months, and no one will lose his or her account from February 8 for not accepting the updated terms of service, the Facebook-owned platform said on Saturday. WhatsApp said they are moving back the date by three months to May 15 on which people will be asked to review and accept the terms.

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