Brian Condenanza Speaks About The Challenges Of Being An Entrepreneur
Brian Condenanza (Photo Credits: File Image)

The key rule of being a successful entrepreneur is bringing new innovations. Every industry after a point needs to have something different which becomes their identity. With the massive upgrade in technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are meant to be the next big thing in every industry. Brian Condenanza, one of the most influential entrepreneurs is a technical expert who has worked with many leading blockchain companies. The entrepreneur is currently working as a CTO at Bidao, a startup in decentralized finance. In 2018, he was invited to deliver a TEDx speech in Switzerland where he spoke about the future of technology and how blockchain will play the key role in promoting transparency while doing the financial transactions.

Entrepreneurship has always been in his blood. Over the years, Brian was involved with many ventures and he loves to unleash his creativity. He began working at a very young age of 16. However, his entrepreneurial journey had a lot of challenges at the start. Time management was one of the biggest obstacles at the initial stage of his career. Moreover, he feels that internet business is also very complicated if it is a global business because the entrepreneurs must adapt to different time zones. With this, Brian also makes sure to give time to his mental as well as physical health.

In his career, the entrepreneur has faced a lot of ups and downs but he kept on working towards his goal and kept his emotional struggles aside. Work is an important aspect of his life but more than that, the entrepreneur prioritizes his family, friends and his health first. With his hard work and smart work, Condenanza is inspiring all the aspiring entrepreneurs and his words of wisdom have always left an impact on the people. Giving final advice to the people, he said, “It is important to always understand your audience. It is so easy to try to sell things that you like rather than what people like, and I feel that as entrepreneurs; we shouldn’t be trying to do that but to understand people and make things they would like to buy.”