‘April Fool's Day 2021’ is right here and it's possible that jokes, pranks, and memes are headed your way. As people gear up to celebrate one of the funniest days in the calendar year, you’d be happy to find why this day is celebrated as April Fool's Day, and what is the history behind it. People play pranks, share jokes and memes on this day. There’s a lot to find out when it comes to the observance of April Fools’ Day. If you are curious to know more about April Fool's Day 2021 – its date, history, significance, etc., then you have reached the right spot.

What is the date of April Fool's Day 2021?

Like every year, the occasion of April Fool's Day will take place on April 1 this year as well. This time around, it will be celebrated on Thursday, a day before Good Friday. The event of April Fool's Day is not a public holiday in any country except in Odesa in Ukraine.

What is the history of April Fool's Day?

Several anecdotes signal the observance of April Fools’ Day. Many incidents in history suggest how the tradition of celebrating April Fool's Day came up. Be it in the 14th century, 1508, 1561, 1572, 1686, or 1908, some incidents in history suggest the reasons behind the celebrations behind April Fools’ Day festivities.

One of the most popular anecdotes took place in 1582 when France shifted from using the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. The switch happened as France decided to begin their New Year with the Spring Equinox which takes place around April 1.

However, a lot of people failed to recognise the change and continued celebrating their New Year on April 1. Hence, they were termed as ‘April Fools’ and became a subject of jokes for all. Some of them were tagged with a paper fish with ‘Poisson d’avril’ (April fish) written on them, which means a person who is gullible like a fish.

What is the significance of April Fool's Day’s observance and how is it celebrated?

In our lives which is full of tensions, goals, causes and consequences, it is really important to have some fun and laughter to keep our spirits up. The observance of April Fool's Day is culturally and historically significant. The day not only aims to fill our life with smiles and laughter, but it is also a constant reminder of how one should live one's life – with a smile.

People play pranks on each other and tease each other by shouting ‘April Fools’ at the one who has been on the receiving end of it. There are several jokes, memes, funny images, comic pictures, trending and viral videos that mark the celebrations of the day. April Fools’ Day is one of those global events which is celebrated across the world with zeal and fun.

We at LatestLY, wish you a very Happy April Fool's Day 2021. Do spend this year’s April Fools’ Day amidst laughter and fun with your loved ones, making them smile throughout the day.

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