Is it Dry Day in India on 15th August 2020? Will the bars be open on August 15th? Independence Day 2020 dry day in Bangalore or Mumbai or both? Independence Day 2020 is here. While the nation is all ready to celebrate 74th freedom anniversary, there is one thing that will be missing from this party affair. We are talking about alcohol. No, no, it is not as if this year the liquor will not be up for sale on Independence Day. Every year, Dry Day is observed 15th August as it is one of the dates when alcohol sale is prohibited as per the Alcohol Laws in India. In order to respect, patriotic sentiments of the public, every year, as per the government rule, alcohol stores are shut, which means that sale of liquor in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and so the rest of India, will be prohibited on Saturday (August 15, 2020). In this article, we look at the list of states and cities where there is a dry day on Independence Day 2020.

The country is painted in tricolour and the preparations at the Red Fort in New Delhi, has begun. Multi-layered security arrangements and social distancing norms are all in place, keeping the pandemic in and the spirit of celebration alive. The celebration of Independence Day is significant across the nation. The day gives us an opportunity to honour our freedom fighters and everyone who struggled for the country’s independence from the British Raj. On August 15, 1947, India became an independent country. And like every year since, it will be a dry day on 15th August 2020 in India. To respect the patriotic sentiments among the citizens of the nation, every year, August 15 remains a dry day. Happy Independence Day 2020 Greetings and Patriotic Quotes And Thoughts on India's Freedom to Share on 15th August. 

Dry Day on 15th August 2020 in India

In India, there are a set of fixed days when the sale of alcohol is not permitted. Independence Day on August 15, is also one such day which has been declared as a dry day. Security measures have been intensified around the country. While bars are closed in many parts of the country because of the pandemic, liquor shops will also be shut for the day. The sale of liquor is prohibited across the country, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. List of Dry Days of 2020 in India: Check Complete Dry Days Calendar With Dates When Alcohol Will Not Be Available for Sale in India. 

Independence Day 2020 celebration is different, unlike the previous years because of the pandemic. While social distancing norms are in place, citizens are significantly urged to celebrate the national holiday from their home. The observation of 74th I-Day will relatively be muted, but the spirit of patriotism remains the same.

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