Karwa Chauth 2019 Moon Sighting: How to Break the Fast If Chandrama Is Not Visible on Karva Chauth? (Watch Video)
How to Complete the Fast If Moon is not visible on Karva Chauth? (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Happy Karwa Chauth! One of the most loved Hindu festivals is being celebrated on October 17, 2019. In many places Karwa Chauth moon also known as Chauth Ka Chand or Chauth Ka Chandrama has been sighted. Moon sighting is taking place is some places of India making women break their fasts after seeing the moon. For people who don't know, the celebration sees wives fasting for their husbands without water until the moon rises on that day. You might want to know the Karwa Chauth moon-rising time beforehand to plan your fast accordingly. Karwa Chauth fasting is a way to show devotion to the love of your life by sacrificing food and water for a day. Husbands then have to break the fast kept by their partners by being the first one to feed them after she has seen the moon. However, while the rituals seem pretty romantic and simple, sometimes your plans can crash if you are unable to see the moon by any chance.

As per the traditional rituals, you cannot break your fast if you do not see the moon. Only once you have seen the moon through a sieve and then the husband through the same sieve, you cannot break the fast, as per rules. But we all know that moon rising is natural, and sometimes even when the moon has risen, you cannot see it due to clouds of trees or your dense locality. What do you do then? Well, the legends have noted a few solutions in that case as well.

Solutions If You Do Not See the Moon On Karwa Chauth:

  • Traditionally, women used to eat only the next day after sunrise. They used to eat food or drink water only on the day after to not risk eating or drinking before the sunrise.
  • However, an alternative can be to check the moonrise time and eat exactly after that time, even without seeing the moon assuming that the sun must have risen by that time.
  • Another way to go can be to see the moon on Lord Shiva's head and ask for forgiveness before breaking your fast.
  • Sometimes, some people also pour holy water in the direction where the moon rises before breaking the fast.

The idea is to not punish yourself for the sake of rituals, even if you are unable to see the moon, even the legends believe that you must break your fast by matching the time. Moreover, in this day and age where you can easily see the moon online, go for a live telecast of moonrise than anything else.

(This article is based on popular beliefs and there is no evidence or factual document available to validate the facts.)