National Daughter's Day 2018: Date, History, Significance and Celebration of The Day Dedicated to Girl Child
Daughter's Day 2018 (Photo credits: Pixabay, Elkaaaaaaa)

September 23 in India will be celebrated as National Daughter's Day in 2018. A day to honour and celebrate the girl child, this day becomes significant especially in a country like ours. Like we celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day, a day to celebrate the daughters and cherish them is also very important. Daughter's Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries but in India, the fourth Sunday of September marks the day. So Daughter's Day 2018 falls on September 23 this year. Daughter’s Day 2018 Wishes and Photos in HD: Best WhatsApp Messages, GIF Images, Facebook Quotes, Status & SMS to Wish Happy Daughters Day! 

In a country like ours, it is unfortunate to state that a girl child is not so safe and a daughter is not very respected. A patriarchal form of society is very prominent and thus not all girl children get the necessary freedom and equality. A girl is always treated as an inferior child. So a day like this needs to be celebrated.

History and Significance of Daughter's Day:

Daughter's Day celebrations in India have begun in the last few years. In India, daughters are believed to be a form of Goddess Laxmi in some parts.  This day marks the elevation of a girl child in a family. Parents make sure that their daughter feels special and give gifts to her. Love and blessing is showered on the girl child.

In India, the situation of daughters is still evolving in terms of respect and equality. Off late, after so much awareness about the girl child, people have realised their importance. But in rural areas of the country, the situation is seeing a gradual change. So Daughter's Day celebration is important to make a girl child feel special, make her realise she has a big role to play in this society, that she deserves all the respect and she too can dream.

Daughter's Day Celebrations:

Every girl or woman needs to be appreciated for her very existence. On this day, family members ensure they make it a special day for their daughters. She could be showered with gifts or just praised for her contribution. Give the girl her freedom to choose what she wants to do in life, without being judged or held back because of her gender. There are seminars arranged in several places which talk of the importance of a girl child. There are narratives of several woman achievers of India, which can encourage the girls to do better.

In this day and hour, we need to recognise the girls and give them confidence about their life path. A Daughter's Day need not be limited to just a family but all the girls, women, mothers out there. It is a day to celebrate womanhood.