Sawan Maas is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar that is observed to worship Lord Shiva. It begins with Ashadha Purnima, when people indulge in Lord Shiva's prayers and conduct fasts every Monday. Shravana or Sawan Maas 2022 begins on July 14, Thursday and will be celebrated till August 12, Friday. Religious rituals and traditions are performed with great zeal and fervour during this auspicious month. 

Shravana Somwar Vrat is the most common practice by men and women across the country who fast every Monday of the Sawan Maas and visit temples to pray for a good life and prosperity. It is often believed that practising this vrat brings happiness as Lord Shiva showers his blessings on all the devotees on this occasion. As you observe Shravana Somwar Vrat 2022, here's a list of food items that you must eat and avoid during the holiest month of the Hindu calendar. Happy Shravana 2022 Wishes & Sawan Maas Greetings: Send HD Images, Quotes, WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook Messages, Wallpapers and SMS During Holy Month

Food to Eat!

1. Fruits

While seasonal fruits can be your best food during the Sawan Maas, don't forget to include potassium and fibre-rich fruits in your diet to keep yourself healthy throughout. Your 'phalahar' (food consumption) can be done right with apples, grapes, peaches, etc.

2. Senda Namak (Black/Pink Salt)

If you want to cook a meal that's considered 'satvik' during the Shravana, use senda namak instead of regular salt to add a nutritional value to your food.

3. Sago or Sabudana

The most commonly prepared food for fasting in India, sabudana can definitely be the perfect choice of meal for you to prepare. They're easy to prepare and can be consumed anytime and every time.

4. Dairy Products

Curd, paneer, yoghurt, milk and buttermilk can be consumed during Sawan month to provide the much-needed calcium to your healthy diet. After all, a proper complement to fulfill your diet and appetite during the fast is mandatory!

Food to Avoid

1. Flour

Rava, sattu, besan, maida & atta are off-limits when it comes to fasting on Somwar. Consumption of 'anna' is a no-no during Shravana month. Try kuttu, rajgira or singhara flour for your meal to be fast-friendly and nourishing.

2. Onion & Garlic

Apart from other veggies, onion and garlic must be avoided if you're looking forward to having a satvik meal. These two vegetables are considered heaty or tamasic and, therefore, must be avoided at all costs.

3. Spices

Red chilli powder, coriander powder, regular salt, and any other spices except senda namak must be kept away during Shravan. Following a diet that suits your Somwar vrat the best is essential!

4. Meat & Eggs

All non-vegetarians who want to fast in Sawan must keep all types of red & white meats and eggs at bay. Try alternatives to meet your cravings, or have paneer & enjoy!

Take a quick guide from the list mentioned above, as you must observe the holy month of Shravana 2022 in the most beautiful manner. Worry less and eat more, as keeping yourself healthy throughout should be your priority. Sawan Maas ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye!

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