National Parfait Day is celebrated every year on November 25 to celebrate this versatile dish. It is sweet and can be served in breakfast, lunch, snack or dessert and is loved at any hour of the day. Parfait includes ingredients in appealing layers and is generally served in glasses. Parfait is a French word which literally means perfect and was originally used to describe a kind of frozen dessert beginning in 1894. It is made in different flavours using whipped cream, nuts, fresh fruits and flavoured liqueur. As you celebrate National Parfait Day 2022, we at LatestLY have curated recipes of parfait that you can try out on this day as a part of the celebrations. National Dessert Day 2022: Bored of Cakes? From Chocolatey Doughnuts to Belgian Waffles, Yummy Dessert Recipes To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth on This Day (Watch Videos).

The Fruity Cookie Parfait

Fruity Cookie Parfait is a perfect dish to make for your kids' next play date. Whipped cream in layers with some cookies and fresh fruits is something that is loved by all kids and a way to feed healthy fruits to your child. Here is a recipe that you can try to make a super delicious fruity cookie parfait.

Fruit, Granola and Yoghurt Parfait

This is one of the healthiest forms of parfaits you can have for breakfast. All you need is vanilla yoghurt, Berries and granola or oats. Put the granola/oats and berries together layer by layer over vanilla yoghurt and it's ready!

Pistachio Praline Parfait

Using crushed caramelised pistachio, you can make this tempting variation of a parfait at home. It is sweet, crunchy and has an amazing taste.

Motichoor Parfait

Motichoor Parfait is made using an Indian sweet. It is a must during festivities and a Motichoor Laddoo looks beautiful and colourful.

Parfait can be made with different flavours like strawberry, butterscotch, cherry, etc. It all depends on one’s taste. Enjoy the above-mentioned recipes of Parfaits as you celebrate National Parfait Day 2022. Wishing everyone a Happy National Parfait Day 2022!

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