Best Foods for Clear Skin: 8 Nutrient-Rich Superfoods for Glowing Skin
These healthy superfoods can help you achieve a healthy glowing, acne-free skin. (Photo Credit: PixaBay)

There is no doubt about the fact that what you eat shows on your skin. Eating highly processed junk food has harmful effects on your skin. It causes inflammation in your digestive tracts which reflects on your skin. What better way to help your skin glow than to include superfoods in your diet. A healthy diet rich in vitamin C, collagen, proteins, amino acids, good fats, various antioxidants etc. is what you need for glowing, wrinkle-free skin.

Superfoods are packed with a gamut of nutrients that turn out to be beneficial for a number of issues. You might want to know Hair Growth Home Remedies, 8 Superfoods That Will Make Your Hair Stronger, Longer and Healthier. Similarly, here are a few superfoods you must eat for clear, glowing skin:

Turmeric: This superfood is probably the most common food in Indian households. Also used as a natural remedy for many other ailments, turmeric has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation in your body leads to wrinkles, ageing also making your skin look tired and puffy, intake of turmeric in any form helps your skin look younger and fresh. Turmeric also has an ability to contribute to fighting severe inflammatory skin problems like Eczema (it is termed a condition in which patches of skin become inflamed or rough with blisters which cause itching and bleeding.)

Avocados: Avocado is a miracle food for sure, right from aiding weight loss to good hair, avocados just work wonders. They are perfect for skin well. They contain a high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids, which can help you achieve firm, irritation-free skin. It also helps regenerate the damaged skin cells, and reduce the redness on the skin. It even makes the skin also looks very hydrated and healthy due to the presence of omega-9 in it. Avocados are rich in radical fighting ability also, due to antioxidant carotenoids that are present in them help improve damaged skin and prevent ageing.

Green tea: If you want to drink your way to beautiful skin, there is nothing like some hot green tea. It doesn't only help protect against sun damage, but studies have also proven that it can help prevent skin cancer. Rich in powerful antioxidants, green tea can help slow down visible signs of ageing. 'Matcha' aka powdered green tea has become very popular these days for its amazing effects on our skin.

Salmon: Salmon is one the best foods you can consume for your overall well-being. Packed with amazing nutrients, Salmon has impressive effects on your body, skin and hair. It is rich in omega 3’s which is considered to be a good fat that helps you improve your skin texture. The omega-3 also helps keep toxins at bay and makes it look soft. It also prevents cell membranes hydrated and protect the skin from sun exposure.

Walnuts: If you are a vegan or a vegetarian you might want to try walnut as an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts can help you get rid of wrinkles and other signs of ageing and make your skin look smoother and hydrated.

Blueberries: Blueberries contain s lot of antioxidants which proves to play a vital role in maintaining beautiful, glowing and healthy skin. Antioxidants help in fighting radicals which helps combat a lot of skin problems like damaged skin cells, wrinkles, dry, flaky skin, ageing, etc. Vitamin A present in blueberries also help reduce excessive oil in the skin and cleans your pores naturally.

Lemon: Lemon is considered to be one of the most alkaline foods available and the minerals present in lemons prove to be excellent for the skin. Rich in vitamin c, Lemons help you fight radicals which are the main culprit for many skin problems. It also helps to get you younger looking skin by aiding in the process of making collagen and elastin.

Bone Broth: Bone broth has a lot of nutrients in it like calcium, magnesium, collagen and other minerals along with amino acids. The collagen is mainly responsible for providing elasticity to the skin. It also helps maintain firm and smooth skin, and the gelatin present in bone broth helps in clearing our digestive tract which reduces inflammation.

You must remember that while a healthy diet does wonders for your skin, you must also incorporate a healthy skincare regime that can contributes to amazing skin and helps keep problems like acne and open pores at bay. You might want to know Home remedies for Acne: 10 Natural Ingredients Than Can Cure Pimples For Good and Foods That Causes Acne, 5 Worst Acne-causing Staple As Well As Junk Food That You Must Avoid . Want Fairer, Glowing Skin Naturally? 10 Foods That Will Help You Lighten Your Skin Tone