As parent’s we want our kids to learn important skills. Kids like to participate in everything that is fun, but when the activity becomes a chore, they no longer want to get involved in it. Reading is one of the most important part of early education, but how do you build that interest in your child? Sure flash cards and phonetics work for many children but they are not a conducive way to learning. Here are ways you can get your kid to not only read but love it too.

1. Read To Them As Often As Possible

Most kids do not know how to hold the book or turn the pages. Children can pick up these basics of holding the book in the correct way and reading from left to right when they are frequently exposed to books. So make sure that you read to them often. Reading with Toddlers Can Reduce Harsh Parenting, Boost Child Behaviour: Study

2. Start Pointing Out Words in Books and In Life

Simple activities like shopping can be a great way to indulge in some low-key reading. Point out some words when you grab the ingredients off the shelf in a grocery store. This will help them establish a relationship between words and objects.

3. Use a Children’s Dictionary

Get an illustrated children’s dictionary to answer all their whys. Talk your way through actions and read the definition in the book for them. Mother-child's Relation Might Be Affected Due to Parenting Stress

4. Help Them Identify the Letter

It is sure adorable to see your three-year-old kid read the alphabet but that skill is not going to help you child read. It is important that your child knows what sound that letter makes. It is important they know a couple of words starting with that letter. Can Hitting Your Children's Stuffed Toys Convince Them to Eat? Viral Video of This Dad Shows The Correct Way

5. Read As Much As You Can

To encourage your child to read, you must also read as much as you can. It doesn’t matter what you read but children like to mimic their parents. So schedule some family reading time even if your child is going through picture books.

Also, ensure that you read aloud when you are reading to them. This will encourage your kid to think analytically and buy-in with the text in the book.

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