Long before WhatsApp or SMS, couples would stay in touch by writing letters to each other proclaiming their everlasting love. While technology has surely made things convenient, it has also created confusion, chaos and more fights. Hear us out when we say that WhatsApp and all those Facebook and Instagram chat messages are ruining your relationship. Before it is too late, cut down on the time you spend on these platforms and give your partner the needed space. Here's how WhatsApp could be running your relationship.

1. You Snatch Away the Couple Space

WhatsApp compels you to be in touch with your significant other constantly. If they are not texting in every 15 minutes or so, you start feeling like both of you are drifting apart and not communicating enough. Dating a New Person? Here's How to Tell if Your Relationship will Last!

2. Frustration Takes Over You!

The blue tick marks where an individual has an idea if the message was read, can lead to more fights if there are no replies on time. You will wonder why aren't they messaging you back, and this becomes a constant thought leading to anger and frustration.

3. You Become a Stalker

You end up staring at your phone screen repeatedly throughout the day to check whether they are online on WhatsApp. This turns you into a full-time stalker in the long run. Is It a Rebound Or A Relationship? Here's How to Tell If You Have Feelings for the New Person in Your Life.

4. You Start Spamming

WhatsApp forces you to spam with messages throughout which surely does not help in building your relationship. On the contrary, it could annoy them to an extent they are not able to concentrate on work. Love & Relationship: Signs That Indicate Your Partner Doesn’t See the Real You in a Relationship.

5. You Become Passive Aggressive

Many also update their WhatsApp statuses which is nothing but a cry for attention from their partner. Instead of sorting out differences and effectively communicating with them, you hope that they will get the hint from your status. That is not a healthy expectation, anyway.

Always being in touch through WhatsApp can result in a more mediocre relationship. It is crucial to spend some time apart from your partner and have your own life because absence makes the heart grow fonder!

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