From Pet Allergy to Inhaling Cigarette Smoke, 6 Things That Are Making You Sneeze All the Time!
Sneeze (Photo Credits: Flickr, Tina Franklin)

If you never had allergies, it can be confusing as well as annoying if you suddenly start having sneezing fits. But just because you are sneezing doesn't mean that something is triggering it. We all have little hairs in our nose that defend our body against outside invaders that try to harm us. Also known as cilia, the hairs trigger a sneeze to get the foreign body out of the body. That said, if you find yourself holding a handkerchief on your nose for a long time, it could be a sign that something is a little amiss. These could be a few things that is making you sneeze non-stop.

1. You Are Catching a Cold

You might associate colds just with winters, but it can happen any time of the year. Sneezing is one of the first signs that you are catching a cold apart from sore throat and irritation on the nose. Are You Sneezing After Sex? Here’s What You Need to Know About Honeymoon Rhinitis

2. You Have Developed Seasonal Allergies

You must have lived your entire life without having any issues with allergies, but if you are now wheezing coughing and sneezing, you could have developed seasonal allergies. If you are sneezing machine-gun style that lasts for a long time, its sure sign that you have developed a seasonal allergy.

3. You Have Developed an Allergy to Pet Dander

While many people exhibit signs of being allergic to pets at a very young age, you can develop the allergy as an adult. You might suddenly discover that you are allergic to a specific type of dog or cat that you did not expose yourself to in the past. If you notice that you are getting sneezing fits at a pet owner's house, reach out to a doctor, and get tested. Home Remedy Of The Week: Honey Tea For a Healthy Winter! Try This Natural Remedy For Weight Loss, Cold, Flu and Sore Throat

4. You Went From Chilly Air Conditioner to Sweltering Weather

It's easy to suspect that you might have allergies, but extreme changes in temperature can also trigger sneezing. If you start sneezing the moment you step out and it stops after a minute or two, the temperature change is causing it.

5. You Have Inhaled Spices in the Kitchen

You can irritate your nose by inhaling a spice like pepper. So if you find yourself sneezing whenever you are in the kitchen, hold the spices responsible. The spicy food you eat can also cause you to sneeze during and after your meal. Can You Be Allergic To Seasame Seeds? Here's Everything You Need To Know About the Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis of the Food Allergy

6. Your Friends Smoke Near You

Cigarette smoke can hurt your nose and prompt you to have a sneezing fit. So if your partner smokes or you always find yourself stuck behind smokers in the sidewalk, the smoke could cause you to sneeze.

If you have been sneezing a lot lately, it is a good idea to see an allergist and figure out what is exactly causing you to sneeze. The sooner you know what is triggering your attacks, the sooner you can make it stop.