You must have tried re-arranging your room, bedroom, and other spaces indoors by the principles of Feng Shui. But why leave behind your backyard or your garden? At its core, Feng Shui is about connecting to nature and organising your garden or your backyard by following the Feng Shui guidelines can have several benefits for your body and mind. You can incorporate peace and tranquillity and improve your relationships.  Here is how to get started. Read till the end!

Work with the Elements

Incorporating the five elements of Feng Shui - Wood, fire, water, earth and metal -  into your garden can help promote balance. Want to Relish Home-Grown Food? From Hot Pepper to Lemongrass, These Edible Garden Plants Will Flavour Up Your Kitchen!

  • Wood: You already have the wood element if you have shrubs and trees in your garden.
  • Fire: Sunlight itself gives your garden the fire element, but you can add plants that have red accents.
  • Earth: Bring on the pebbles and ceramic pots to incorporate the earth element. The rocks can be a big as boulders.
  • Metal: The colour of the metal is white, so plant shrubs with white blooms. You can also incorporate metal with a wind chime to add a lovely sound to your garden.
  • Water: To add more water element to your garden, you can invest in a small fountain, or even a basin of water in a beautiful bowl.

Consult the Bagua Map

Apply the nine Bagua map areas to your garden. Focus on one of the map areas and plant according to the colours you want. For instance, if you want your garden to foster loving energy, you can add more reds, pinks and yellows. Place them at the rear right-hand corner of your garden. How to Take Care of Gardening Tools? Follow These Steps to Ensure Good Condition of Equipments at Home.

Have Curvy Borders

In Chinese folklore, evil spirits can walk only in a straight line. So in a feng shui garden, flowing border edges and curvy pathways can add a level of protection. Doing this will carry more free-flowing and positive energy. How to Grow Lemon From Seed at Home? Step-By-Step Home Gardening Tips to Grow Citrus Plant Indoors.

Coming to the don'ts keep tree branches off your house. It is okay if plants and flowers are touching your home, trim the branches back. Also, if you are adding multiple of plants to your outdoor space, avoid grouping them in even numbers. Group them in odd numbers like three and five.

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