Mumbai, July 28: Amid the long-standing debate challenging the efficacy and authenticity of the COVID-19 vaccines, an incident has come to light from Mumbai where a doctor tested positive for the virus thrice even after taking both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. According to a report by NDTV, the 26-year-old doctor tested positive for COVID-19 thrice in 13 months, twice after taking both the vaccine jabs. From Pfizer to Covaxin, Here's a Comparison and Efficacy Rates of All COVID-19 Vaccines.

The doctor, identified as Dr Shrushti Halari, was on COVID-19 duty at Mumbai's Veer Savarkar Hospital. She had first contracted the virus on June 17, 2020 and then again after a year on May 29, both times with mild symptoms. The virus made its way again and infected the doctor two months later on July 11 but this time her entire family was infected. Delta and Delta Plus Variants FAQs: Is New Variant Deadlier? Know Everything About Coronavirus Mutation, Symptoms and Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccines.

Watch: Dr Shrishti Halari says it could be reactivation of previous infections

The report states that the doctor had taken her first COVID-19 vaccine jab on March 8 this year and the second dose on April 29. The whole family was vaccinated together. However, at the third hit, the doctor and her family  suffered more and all were hospitalised, following which they were treated with Remdesivir. The doctor's family had several underlying health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol problems, which worsened their health even more.

The doctor was quoted in reports saying that the consecutive COVID-19 infection could be a reactivation of previous infections and might have struck again when her immunity levels were low. According to experts, a COVID-19 vaccine does not translate to immunity from the disease, and that even after both doses people can still get infected.

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