You are lactose intolerant but you have a love affair with cheese, what do you do? Do you remove cheese from your diet because it can give you an array of undesirable digestive symptoms? You may not have to make that supreme sacrifice as most cheeses are lactose-free or contain very low levels of lactose. Most lactose is found in whey, which is removed, and cheese is made from curd. Plus, the fermentation time removes any remaining lactose. If you are particularly careful about your lactose consumption, these are the best low-lactose cheese options.


You can choose from a variety of cheddar cheeses. While mild cheddar is aged two to three months, the premium one is aged between two to five years. Mild cheddar contains as little as 0 to 2% lactose so you can get your hands on it. 


Parmesan is a hard Italian cheese aged about 12 to 36 months and contains only 2.9 to 3.7% lactose. These trace amounts will do you no harm. National Cheese Day (USA) 2020: From Creation to Cheese For Lactose Intolerant, Here are 7 Interesting Facts About This Dairy Product.


The true Swiss varieties contains 0.0 to 3.4% lactose, and pasteurised, processed Swiss contains 0.0 to 2.1%. So irrespective of which cheese you can get your hands on, you can indulge without guilt. National Cheese Day (USA) 2020: Five Types of This Dairy Product That One Should Eat!

Brie and Camembert

Brie and camembert are creamy, soft cheeses with slightly runny interior and is made from cow's milk. They contain anywhere from 0.0 to 1.8% lactose. So use them generously in your pastas and pizzas. What is The Difference Between Cheese and Paneer? Know How The Two Dairy Products Differ From Each Other.

If you like blue cheese, you might want to indulge in it as it contains trace amounts of lactose. However, if you love feta with your salads or pizzas, you may want to stay away from it and instead use one of the above cheese options. All of them are hard, aged and does not lead to those digestion discomforts.

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