How many of you at first glance can differentiate between paneer and cheese kept in front of you? Well, if you are a regular eater of the two dairy products then you might, but there is some confusion when it comes to them. Paneer is an Indian term but it is called cottage cheese in English, thus it can be often confused with just cheese. Today, to make things clear, we list out how the two dairy products are different from each other. Made from dairy, they may share some similarities but there is a difference in their nature, nutrition and preparation. What is The Difference Between Curd and Yoghurt? Know How These Dairy Products Differ From Each Other and Which One's Healthier.

Cheese is a dairy product derived from milk and is available in a wide range of flavours, shapes, types and textures. The word cheese comes from Latin caseus, the earliest source means "to ferment, become sour". The word cheese comes from chese (in Middle English) and cīese or cēse (in Old English). The making of cheese predates even recorded history and there is not fixed evidence of where it originated.
Paneer is a form of fresh cheese made from curdling milk commonly made in the Indian subcontinent. The word paneer entered English from the Hindi and Urdu term panīr, which comes from Persian panir, meaning "cheese" in general. There are debated on the origin of paneer too.
Now since both of them fall into the "cheese" category people are bound to get confused. We give you below the major differences between the making of the two dairy products and the nutritional benefits. Cheese And Butter For Weight Loss? 6 Healthy Fats That You Should Include In Your Diet.


The making of cheese involves the process of acidification of milk. The bacteria play a very important role in determining the flavour of the cheese. Although Paneer is also made through acidification, a souring agent is used to coagulate the protein component. The agent could be lemon juice, vinegar, and some acids which are added when the milk is still fresh. It can be prepared in two ways beating or pressing.

Nutritional and Health Benefits

Both cheese and paneer are high on nutrients. Cheese is known for a high amount of protein composition. It also contains a lot of calcium which is why it is good for bone strength. Cheese is a good source of vitamin A. Is Cheese Good For You? 5 Health Benefits You Didn’t Know About.

Paneer is also a rich source of proteins depending on the kind of milk which is used in the making. It is said to regulate blood sugar levels because of the high protein component. Paneer contains potassium which maintains your blood pressure. Added nutrients like magnesium and vitamin B are beneficial for good digestion process. Paneer is also good for heart health.

Both these dairy products should not be consumed in excess. Look for the kind of paneer you are getting, the milk it is made from also has an effect on the nutritional content. A lot of salt in the paneer is not good for the heart. While, paneer is essentially called cottage cheese, we hope we have helped you with the difference in these dairy products.

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