Dengue fever is a painful mosquito-borne disease and is the fastest-growing mosquito-borne infection in the world. An estimated 400 million people get infected with dengue virus each year globally. To make things worse, about 100 million people get progressively sick, and 2.5% of the ill patients eventually die. The World health organisation estimates that 40% of the world's population is at risk of infection due to environmental conditions. While many people get mild symptoms, a few suffer from severe complications. Here's when you should worry.

What are The Milder Symptoms of Dengue Infection?

Mild symptoms of dengue may be easily confused with other illnesses that cause fever and flu-like indications. The milder symptoms of dengue include headache, pain behind the eyes muscle, joint, or bone pain, rashes, nausea and vomiting and unusual bleeding. National Dengue Day 2020: From Getting Rid of Stagnant Water to Using Repellent Creams, 5 Precautionary Measures to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay.

How to Recognise the Emergency Signs of Dengue?

One can label the severe signs as an emergency, and therefore is crucial to recognise the warning signs early.  These signs may typically develop 24-48 hours after the initial fever goes away. Go to your doctor immediately if you experience severe stomach pain, vomiting, bleeding from the nose or gums, blood in stool or vomit, drowsiness or irritability pale or cold skin and difficulty in breathing. National Dengue Day 2020: From Hemorrhagic Fever to Dengue Shock Syndrome, Know More about The Types of This Mosquito-Borne Viral Infection.

Your doctor will treat the symptoms as well as continuously monitor your blood platelet count to track your recovery. They will also advice complete rest for a month after you recover. National Dengue Day 2020: Are You Sick Because of COVID-19 or Is It Dengue Fever? Here's How to Distinguish Between the Symptoms of The Diseases!

Although the government is doing a lot in the fight against dengue, you need to focus on using insecticides or reducing l egg-laying habitats for dengue mosquitoes to prevent dengue infection. Since there is no vaccination against dengue fever, prevention of mosquito bite is exceptionally crucial. Get rid of areas such as old tires, cans, or flowerpots that collect rainwater where mosquitoes can breed. Always keep your surroundings clean to prevent this life-threatening disease.

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