Every year on 1st Jan, the New Year's resolutions begin to face the test of the time. New goals are set and well-executed on the first day of the year. Runners also set ambitious goals, whether that means increasing the speed or tackling the first 5K. But the tricky part about running is that it takes days or months to see progress, and so it is easy to fall prey to boredom and demotivation. With 2020 on the horizon, here are few running resolutions you can set and follow through on in the brand new year. So runners, are you ready for upping your running game?

1. Eat Like a Runner

You never skip your morning run, so what is it that is making you hang on those extra kilos? It's your diet that could be at fault, preventing you from recovering efficiently and making you run low on energy. When you are training for a marathon, it is vital to fuel your body. So make sure that you eat a 300-400 calorie meal including protein, carbs and healthy fats two hours before your run. Hydrating is also as essential, so drink about three to four glasses of water one to two hours before working out. Monsoon Running Tips: How Runners Can Keep Fit Even in the Rains

2. Spend More Time with a Running Group

If you have always resisted joining the local running club because you thought you were not fast enough or strong enough, it is now time to face your fears. Give it a few months and the members will not only become your friends but a huge motivating force. You will grow faster and more confident with your team while having fun knowing them. Running and Weight Loss: How Often Should You Run To Lose Belly Fat?

3. Prepare For the Mental Game

All the runs can require you to deal with some mental training. You can have a great run when your mind is quiet. So if you are going to spend the first two months of the year preparing for a marathon, find a way to bring to peace the unsettling mind. Sitting with your eyes closed and meditating for a few minutes before a run can help you be at peace.

4. Push The Pace

You must have spent months being comfortable at the slow lanes at races. If your pace has stayed stagnant, try to get quicker this New Year. Add sprints to your runs, stick to your running team and challenge yourself to see what you are capable of doing. Marathon Training: 5 Benefits of Running That You Should Know About

5. Add a Self-Care Routine to Your Running

So you have finished half marathons and eaten junk food and taken a four-hour nap. If you have not spent your post-run hours promoting self-care or recovery, it's time to focus on these areas to make you a better and a healthier runner. Do your stretching and yoga, and you will complain less about achy muscles.

6. Make No Excuses

Design your 2020 without keeping room for any excuses. You really do not have the liberty to fall behind your schedule or skip multiple days of planning, if you want to finish the races you have planned. Every run counts to bring you closer to complete your ultimate goal.

Running can get a little mundane over time, so when you need to take a break, why not jump in a puddle and add a little fun element to your run? Try to find a new route or maybe a new partner to make running exciting all over again.

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