With winters setting in, our craving for hot desserts and spicy food increases. With that increases our weight which goes unnoticed due to big size winter hoodies.

Many people find it very difficult to get out of their blankets during this season. So they just eat, sleep and gain weight during winters. To help you stay away from the weight gain this season, we at LatestLY, have listed down few things that you can incorporate in your lifestyle. Try these 5 things, and promise yourself a healthy winter this year. Guidelines to Stay Fit in Cold Season and Avoid Weight Gain


This is must not just to avoid weight gain but also to stay healthy. It’s not necessary to hit the gym, go for an outdoor run, play some outdoor games or find an exercise partner to keep you motivated.

No Alcohol

Alcohol spikes insulin levels, which leaves you hungry and craving calorie-dense foods. Therefore, have as little alcohol as you can. If you take alcohol, make sure you exercise and indulge in a balanced diet.

Prioritise Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Instead of going for packed foods opt for nutrient-rich whole foods. Fill half your plate with a variety of vegetables and half with a moderate amount of protein and carbohydrates.

Stay Hydrated

Avoid mistaking thirst for food cravings. Because of less water intake during winters, it is very common that people mistake their thirst for food cravings. Therefore have 8-12 glasses of water a day.

Stay Active

In your regular indoor and outdoor chores, try to stay active throughout. Get up and cook for yourself, go out and pick your groceries and be active throughout the day. Being lazy and lethargic will add on the calories sulking into your body.

The major reasons for weight gain during winters are over-consuming calories or being underactive. So, these are the two things you really need to watch out for if you want to avoid winter weight gain. Enjoy the winter chill, eat what you like, but most importantly, know the portion of every meal and remember to burn what you eat.

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