Independence Day Recipes 2019: From Triranga Idli to Tri-colour Fruit Popsicles, Here Are Healthy Dishes You Can Make Easily at Home
Healthy Tri-Colour Recipe (Photo Credits: Wiki)

The 73rd Independence Day of India will be celebrated on Aug 15, 2019. Indians are highly excited with only a few days left for the nation’s most important day. This day has been declared as the National and Gazetted Holiday throughout the country, to celebrate its independence from the British Empire on the 15th of August in 1947. Individual citizen will have their own way to celebrate the National Festival of India, some love to listen to Hon. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s speak from Red Fort, while others will be busy in their society’s or workplace’s Independence Day Celebration. However, if you are an absolute foodie like us, you can creatively add a splash of tri-colour to your food. Did you miss out our, Republic Day 2019 Special Recipes: Learn How to Make Tricolour Food With These Video Tutorials?

Here are some tri-colour recipes, you can explore on Independence Day’s:

Tiranga Idli

What is better than soft tricolour Idli made with healthy ingredients such as carrots, spinach pureé, lemon and rice. This steamed food can be a perfect breakfast idea on Independence Day.

Tiranga Idli Recipe [Watch Video]:

Tri-Colour Raita

Now comes the lunch, how about having your lunch accompanied by some tri-colour raita on the side? A healthy dish that includes curd and healthy veggies is a perfect side dish you can make at home on Independence day.

Tri-Colour Raita [Watch Video]:

Tiranga Rava Dhokla

For the evening snack, you can try out tri-coloured dhokla that can be easily made at home with healthy ingredients such as yoghurt, carrot and spinach. The method involves steaming and you can avoid the tadka or tempering if you want to avoid oil.

Tiranga Rava Dhokla [Watch Video]:

Tri-Colours Healthy Dosa

Easy-peasy recipe of dosa that you can make at home for Independence Day. The colours added to the dosas are extremely healthy and are produced from healthy, colourful veggies.

Tri-Colours Healthy Dosa [Watch Video]:

Tri-colour Fruit Popsicles

How can you think of not ending your meal with something sweet? This healthy popsicle recipe includes fruits and can be easily made at home.

Tri-colour Fruit Popsicles [Watch Video]:

Tri-colour foods don't just make your meal look interesting but also interests children who get attracted by colourful food. Go ahead and enjoy your Independence Day with some yummy, tri-colour food.