21st century is all about top inventions by Humans. We see so many technologies and growth in science. It is like Human are coming next to God with superb intelligent people creating magic in our time. Our creations are becoming more smarter and more knowledgeable than before. Growth in Artificial Intelligence will rapidly change our world, and we should be proud of where we are going into technology.
Julian Jewel Jeyaraj Indian techno expert who is a big-name AI world is coming with new technology. Recently he has come with JJAIBOT which will help our society in many ways says Julian Jewel Jeyaraj.
He is focusing on three things Environment, Human mental illness detection, which can protect human from depression and Wildlife conservation. His devices will detect any unfamiliar stuff which is roaming around the animals.
You need to be a real expert to make a machine think like Human and also require the experience to make it even better than we humans are. So that Robots can help our society. JJAIBOT is a fantastic concept, and we will see this technology ruling at every corner of the world.
Other than that Julian Jewel Jeyaraj strongly believes Artificial intelligence will change the workforce. It will create new jobs. Everyone will get new roles in the world of AI. It will divide work correctly by specifying the tasks in this field.
We will see Robots in our own languages. It will also help us in translating words which will make work easy, and communication will be more accessible to the business people in the coming years. We will see less paper wastage and more responsive system in our Governments too. AI will change our government work also, but for that, all the government has to agree with that to involve AI in governments or not. If they agree, then it will give many solutions for Government employees.
AI will also help us in Health care sector, and it will check symptoms, giving fast access to physicians if needed. It will provide fantastic benefits to health care that anyone can imagine. JJAIBOT will detect human minds and faces and guide according to accordingly if he/she is going to depression.
Artificial Intelligence has changed many things and will much more stuff in the coming years. So be in touch with people like Julian Jewel Jeyaraj and his technology like JJAIBOT, he is going to change many things with his technique.
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