Diwali is a festival we all wait for throughout the year. Kids and elders alike, everyone's excited to ring in these celebrations, be it with their friends or family. This time, Diwali 2020 has been a little more special as most festivals of the year have turned out to be low-key in the ongoing pandemic. But a lot of families and friends must have gathered together to celebrate the festival of lights. And after the few days of celebrations, Diwali 2020 is already over! The morning after is a little difficult to cope up with as most of us are dealing with the festival hangover. If you too are feeling lazy and demotivated this morning, with no motivation to get back into your routine, we have got you some ways which can help.

The festival of Diwali sees a lot of partying too as families, cousins and friends come together after a long time, this time, even more! So the usual chill session, fun and games, accompanied with a little alcohol, seems like a much-needed break for many. Sadly, the break is over and most of us are already in front of the laptop screens, yawning, looking at the photos over the last couple of days and missing it already. To cure your festival hangover, we bring you 5 ways which can help. Why Am I Always Tired? Science Lists 6 Reasons Why You Are Drained.

1. Fitness Freaks, Hit the Gym: 

Your break to not look at the calories in festivals is over and it is time to shed off those kilos. No one says no to Diwali sweets and the festival sees so much of "not so healthy" eating. So get back to your workouts and it will get you motivated through the day.

2. Hydrate Yourself:

If you have partied last night with a lot of alcohol, then you need to drink a lot of water today. A dehydrated body will make you feel more tired and dizzy. So ensure you drink water at regular intervals. Full-Proof Hangover Hacks You Absolutely Need To Know To Prevent Pounding Headaches.

3. Catch up With Your Colleagues:

The last few days have been dedicatedly about friends and family. So start with catching up with your work buddies. Discuss how were your festival celebrations and try and motivate each other to getting back to work. Maybe dividing the tasks for the day would help?

4. Sleep-in:

If you can, just sleep in and feel lazy, like you are already! Take a day off and relax. Prepare your mind through the day that festivals are now over and you have to work again.

5. Wait For The Next Festival:

One festival gone, another one is coming. The month of December will bring with it some Christmas and New Year cheer. So wait until a few weeks from now, when the festive vibes will kick in again.

We know today or the next couple of days are going to get boring and hard for some of us as we miss our families and friends together. But that is what makes the festive times so special, the coming together and enjoying every bit of it. Cherish those memories, until you meet again for another festivities.

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