National Hangover Day 2020: Full-Proof Hangover Hacks You Absolutely Need To Know To Prevent Pounding Headaches
Hangover (Photo credits: Wikimedia commons)

Its happy hours, and we all know the drill. One cocktail accidentally turns into four, you open a bottle of wine, and you end up tasting tequila. If you lack that self-control and down one drink after one, what can you do to keep your hangovers tolerable and support your liver? To save you the headache and to make your life easy, we have made a list of some of the best hangover cures. Try all of them out and see which one works best for you.

1. Eat Liver-Loving Foods

Did you know that turmeric, cinnamon, avocado, beetroot, lemon and green tea are packed with liver-loving compounds? These foods have antioxidant properties that help cleanse your liver. All of them can help protect liver cells and aid cell regeneration. Effects of a Hangover Last Longer Than You Think

2. Down A Glass of Cold Orange Juice

If last night's tequila left your stomach irritated, grab a glass of cold orange juice. Orange juice can have a neutralising effect on your stomach and reduce inflammation the same way an ice pack works on your swollen knee. Here Are Some Quick Remedies to Beat Your Hangover!

3. Eat a Banana

If you have no count of drinks, you have downed, eat a banana. Bananas can help neutralise free radicals that negatively affect your liver after drinking. It can also boost your energy after a large intake of fatigue-causing alcohol.

4. Have Eggs for Breakfast

Poached, scrambled or boiled, the choice is yours. Rich in amino acid cysteine, eggs help your liver break down the alcohol toxin acetaldehyde. Hangover Prevention Tips : How to Party All Night And Yet Not Wake Up Tipsy With A Headache!

5. Go Easy On the Coffee

Your coffee habit can exacerbate dehydration which in turn, can aggravate all your hangover symptoms. If you want to rehydrate, drink a lot of water and coconut water. Green tea can be fantastic to quell nausea. You can also rehydrate yourself by eating a lot of celery, tomato, watermelon and cucumber.

6. Take an Epsom Salt Bath

Before you hit the sack after the party night, put Epsom salts into a warm bath and soak in the water for 15 minutes. The next day, you will wake up with the pains and aches of the night erased. Does it not sounds like the best hangover hack?

7. Get Up and Get Moving

Moving around may be the last thing you want to do, but some light exercise can go a long way in easing the hangover. Your body metabolism gets a boost when you work out, which naturally speeds up how your body processes and breaks alcohol toxins.

Natural remedies can always be better than popping an OTC pill to relieve hangover symptoms. It takes time for the alcohol to clear your system, so the best thing to do is to wait it out and try out these hacks.