Low sperm count can have adverse effects on your family life if you and your partner are trying to have a baby. The reason why men may have low sperm count defers from person to person. But, one of the most common and most-heard reasons would be the exposure to ‘heat’. Now by heat, it may not necessarily mean sunlight. It also means no laptop on lap, not wearing boxers for the testicles to breathe and many such other ways to keep them ‘cold’. Another most frequently asked question is whether rubbing ice cubes on testicles helps increase the sperm count in men.

A user on Reddit asked if icing the testicles can be a great idea and how she happened to come across a positive response on the internet when she researched about it. Now, icing the testicles or ‘ball icing’ is one of the most commonly practised methods that can supposedly increase sperm count. To improve fertility, one can definitely try cooling their balls as one of the first steps. However, one also needs to know that this method hasn’t been backed by any medical reports. Over the years, there have been several research though that has proven that icing the balls can help improve the sperm count, thereby increasing chances of fertility.

Except for rubbing ice on the testicles, various other methods that can help you keep it cool down there are as follows:

  • Not wearing boxers or briefs
  • Keeping ice/ cooling packs in the area at regular intervals
  • Sleeping with cool air blowing down there
  • Taking cold water showers at night
  • Having a ‘cooling’ session every few hours or at regular intervals every day
  • How immediately can one see the results?
  • Reports online suggest that one typically sees the results within three months i.e. 12 weeks.
  • Can icing the testicles have any damages?

No, as of yet, no damages or pain have been recorded so far. However, one needs to consult their doctor before taking any steps in icing their balls.

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