Start Your New Year 2020 on a Fresh Note by Ditching These Habits
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

As we inch towards the new year, you may find yourself in thoughts like, "Where did 2019 go?", "What have you done?", "How will the new year be" so on and so forth. We all are pretty caught up in our work routines, and as we make progress, we leave a little time to actually speculate on these thoughts, which are usually, midnight companions. Some people might have their plans in place about how they want to begin the New Year 2020, resolutions, things to do, places to travel etc. And while most of us, like you and me, wonder how the next year will be, it will definitely easier if we leave some thoughts and things behind, for good. No Plans for New Year’s Eve? 6 Things to Comfort You on the Wintery 31st December Night As You Ring In New Year 2020.

We cannot predict how the new year will be or what it will bring for you, but it will be easier to deal with if we leave behind the things that have bothered you. There are some ideas and thoughts that we harbour at the back of our minds, even without knowing they have an impact on us. So we may not be precise, but we give you some things that you should leave it in 2019 and start 2020 afresh.

  • Ditch the need for social media validation. The likes and comments on your pictures do not define you. So stop fretting over the number of likes or comments. Remember none of it would matter after the internet connection/mobile data is switched off.
  • Have you made major mistakes in 2019? Leave them behind. Just pick on the lessons they taught you and use them in future situations.
  • Your bodyweight should not weigh the thought of perceiving yourself. Accept your body type rather than struggling to get the "perfect" bod. It's 2020, move towards body positivity, please.
  • While we talk of body positivity, also ditch all the negative thoughts that are blinding you to see the brighter side. Easier said than done, we know. But you'd instead make a positive start than dwell in negativity of the past.
  • Accept change; it is inevitable. Be welcome to embrace new ideas or new job or venture into anything you never thought you'd. Remember, the more you learn through change, the better prepared you are to adapt to the next set of changes in life.
  • Don't let the constant hammering of your need to settle down by a certain age affect you. Honestly, nobody has it all figured out and it is okay if you too still haven't. Don't let the number of age limit your achievements.
  • As cliche as it may sound, but do not let other people's expectations of you shape you. We live in a society where our acceptance is unfortunately defined by how much we abide by societal expectations. And that is a big burden we all carry. It is time we take it off, at least a little by little as we move towards the new year.
  • Remember constantly complaining will get you nowhere. Making sincere efforts to change the situation will.
  • Think about your spendthriftness. Do not buy or indulge in things that you don't really need but feel good about buying. You may realise it now but you need to sort your savings and monetary habits.

The New Year's Eve is still a month away, and we have made this list well in advance so that you have some time to reflect on them. Prepare yourself to ditch those thoughts, not worry about someone else's preconceived ideas or fret over things that really do not matter.