Travel Tip of the Week: Know Everything About Dev Deepavali Celebrations in Varanasi
Dev Deepawali celebrations (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The festive vibe of Diwali is being felt everywhere in the country as the most awaited festival is hardly a week away. The festival of Diwali 2019 will be marked from October 25 this year. And while everyone is right now concentrating on the oncoming celebrations, there is another elaborate festival which will be marked in next month. Called the Dev Deepawali, it is especially celebrated in Varanasi. As the name suggests it is the Diwali of the Gods and the event is massive with almost a million diyas lit up around the banks of river Ganga. Dev Deepawali 2019 will be marked on November 12 and it is a beautiful spectacle that you should experience at least once in your lifetime. So ahead of Dev Deepawali, we give you more details about the entire celebration, how you can visit and be a part of this extended Diwali. Travel Tip of the Week: 5 Places in India to Explore During Diwali Vacations and Enjoy The Festive Spirit.

There is a belief on the day of Kartik Poornima, all the Gods descend to the earth and take a bathe in the holy river of Ganges. It is thus called as Diwali of the Gods and to welcome them, the river ghats are decked up with earthen lamps to honour the Goddess presiding over Ganga. With close to a million lights enlightened on the river bank, you can only imagine the beauty of the reflection and the vibe it brings to the holiest city. There are some processions of deities in the night, devotees chant prayers and mantras, people are in huge attendance which brings a lot of spiritual feel to the entire celebration. Some diyas are also let afloat in the river.


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If you have been to Varanasi or not, you'd have heard about the famous Ganga Aarti, which takes place every evening. But during Dev Deepawali, it is the most elaborate aarti throughout the year. There is an added enthusiasm during this festive celebration at the Dashashwamedh Ghat. It is the heart of the action. The sheer number of diyas that are lit up and the priests hold the huge lamps to worship the Goddess. All the ghats are sparkling with the beauty and the continuous prayers spread a spiritual atmosphere all over. The visual beauty and spiritual connect of the religious city will sure enthrall you. Travel Tip Of The Week: Travelling Alone? Things To Keep in Mind Before a Solo Trip.

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How to Reach There?

Varanasi is 320 kilometres from the capital city of Lucknow and about 120 kilometres from the city of Allahabad. There are several trains that will take you to Varanasi from major cities in India. The nearest airport is Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport. If you go by train the Ganga ghats are at a distance of 4.3 kilometres. From the airport, the ghats are about 25 kilometres. Once you reach near the ghats, there are many boat ride services, which is a convenient way of seeing all the ghats.

Varanasi is among the list of holiest cities of India. The Hindu mythology traces it is a city founded by Lord Shiva himself. The Ganga river ghats and surrounding temples are the primary attraction here. And on each Dev Deepawali, the place enlightens in diyas and reflects a fervour of its own. So if you want to experience a bit of extended Diwali celebrations, then start booking your tickets as this event sees tourists from all over the world.