10-Year-Old Girl With 25 Middle Names of Boxing Champs Is Having Difficulty Memorising It
Alphabets (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Many of us have had difficulty in pronouncing names, either because they are too long or we do not know the pronunciation. So if you have been complaining about your second name that people don't understand then you must know this 10-year-old's name. Her name is Willow followed by 25 names and the girl is having a hard time remembering it.

The names that follow her first name is Sullivan Corbett Fitzsimmons Jefferies Hart Burns Johnson Willard Dempsey Tunney Schmeling Sharkey Carnera Baer Braddock Louis Charles Walcott Marciano Patterson Johansson Liston Clay Frazier Fareman Taylor-Brown. These are names of famous boxers and passing on the names are a tradition in the family. Willow's grandfather Brian Brown was a boxing fan, and travelled across countries to get his boxing fix. Nicknames of Royal Family Members Revealed! Know Secret Names of Meghan Markle, The Queen And Kate Middleton.

Her mother Maria Brown said that it's a family tradition which was started in 1974. She was then given the same 25 names by her parents Brian and Sue and now she has passed it on to her daughter. All these 25 names also appear on Willow's birth certificate and passport. The extra-long names have often kept the family in limelight for years.

Metro quoted Maria from Wolverhampton as saying, "Willow doesn’t know all of the names, she knows a few. I didn’t remember the names until I was a little older. My dad used to follow the boxing which is why I was named after 25 boxing greats in the first place. He has been to a few countries to see fights. ‘The tradition doesn't stop with Willow, my other daughter, Autumn, 11, also has the same middle names."