After Puppy Molly, Rabbit Dies of Fright at the Sound of Fireworks; Pet Owners Demand Ban of Crackers on Social Media (Watch Viral Video)
Rabbit Frightened of Firework Sound (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Over the past few days, upsetting footages and images of pets frightened by the sound of fireworks are surfacing online. The United Kingdom is observing ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ on November 5, 2019—an annual event where the firework display is a common tradition. A pet dog was captured trembling on the kitchen floor at his home in Scotland town of Stranraer. Another puppy, named Molly passed away from a heart attack after being terrified by fireworks. Now, a pet rabbit died due to the same reasons. The video of the scared rabbit has been uploaded on Facebook. These repeated incidents have angered animal lovers across the world, who are now taking to social media and signing petitions, demanding the ban of crackers. Poor Puppy, Molly Dies of Heart Attack After Being Terrified by Fireworks in UK. 

The terrible effects of fireworks on animals are quite well known. Yet, governments are reluctant to pass stringent laws, fearing backlash from people who honour such traditions.  The one-year-old rabbit, Archie, went into shock due to the noise of a nearby firework display. His owner, Donna Pilgrim, was told by the vets to try to keep him warm and quiet. But he would not stop shaking. The next morning, Donna found her beloved Archie dead. Video of Dog Shivering at the Sound of Fireworks Goes Viral, Owner Calls for Ban of Crackers in Scotland. 

Watch the Viral Video:

Remorseful and furious at the same time, Donna took to Facebook, urging an immediate ban of firecrackers and save the animals. Not only her plea, but the recent incidents have also even led an online petition on The request, reportedly created a year ago to call for review firework rules to “protect animals from injury and distress,” has reached to more than 500,000 signatures. Scottish Man Films Himself While Launching a Firework Rocket From His Bum. 

Animal lovers are angry. According to the latest media reports, the Member of Parliaments of House of Commons is considering a ban on sales of fireworks. Not only animals, but people have also been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder by the unpredictable noises created by firecrackers. The online petition suggests that private use of firecrackers should be restricted to November 5 Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali.