Alton Towers Smiler Roller Coaster Stops Midway, Riders Stuck at 100ft in the Air for 20 Minutes (Watch Viral Video)
Alton Towers Smiler Roller Coaster Stops Midway (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ @TerryBpne/ Twitter)

Roller coaster ride is a thrilling experience and riders keep cherishing the moment for lifelong. But any mechanical glitch midway can scare the bravest of all and even cause serious damage. Luckily that was not the case for people who visited Alton Towers The Smiler, popular roller coaster adventure in England. Viral video shows the roller coaster ride stopped midway on Tuesday evening, with Park-goers hanging 100ft up in the air for at least 20 minutes, before the carriage returned to the platform safely. Japan Roller Coaster Ride Gone Awry, People Left Hanging Upside-Down for Hours! 

The Smiler is a steel roller coaster located at Alton Towers, an amusement park in England. Thrill-seekers are crazy to experience the ride. But the recent incident has worried park goers. In the evening on Tuesday, July 23, a carriage full of riders came to an abrupt halt as they were being pulled up the vertical part of the ride. People were forced to stare at the sky at the top of their ride for 20 minutes. After the long halt, engineers were able to take the carriage down, without hurting the riders.

Watch Video of Riders Stuck at 100ft in the Air

An Alton Towers official told The Sun, “We apologise to all guests affected by the stoppage on The Smiler late this afternoon. Our guest relations team have spoken to everyone on board to offer return tickets to the park as compensation for the inconvenience. Our technical team are working to reset the ride this evening so this should not affect guests visiting the park tomorrow.”

The recent mishap occurred after four years, when the park headlined for a severe malfunction. In June 2015, a major collision left five people injured. Two women had legs amputated after the smash at the theme park.