Anil Kumble Shares Rare Pics of Maya the Tigress Ferociously Fighting Another Tigress to Protect Her Territory at Maharashtra’s Tadoba National Park
Maya, the tigress (Photo Credits: @anilkumble1074/ Twitter)

Among the Tiger reserves in India, the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra is extremely popular. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you are sure to hear about the Tadoba-Andheri. The enrich nature and the sightings of tigers at the wildlife attracts thousands of visitors. Of all, Maya, the tigress is the crowd puller! Maya is the most popular tigress and is often regarded as the queen of Tadoba, who is extremely territorial. Your visit to the Tadoba wildlife will be memorable, if you sight the tigress, wandering in the wild. Former Indian cricketer, Anil Kumble was one among the fortunate visitors. He recently shared throwback pictures of Maya who was ferociously fighting with another tigress to protect her territory at the Tadoba National Park. Anil Kumble Reveals How Friendship With Shane Warne Helped Him Escape Australia’s Sledge Attack. 

Sharing the pictures on Twitter, Kumble recalled, “I had a once in a lifetime sighting of Maya the tigress in #Tadoba, who was protecting her territory from another tigress. The sequence of pictures shared depicts the ferocious chase that culminated in a fight and a civilised way of asking the intruder to leave her territory.” The enthralling pictures of Maya gained a lot of reactions from the social media users. When commentators asked, the former head coach confirmed that the photographs were taken during his visit to the National Park in May, 2019. The series of photos show you the extent of Maya.

View Pics of Maya, the Tigress:

Tadoba has gained a reputation as one of the country’s best wildlife destinations with frequent tiger sightings in the wild. Whenever you visit the national park, you are certain to see tigers, especially Maya, at times sitting by the side of the road in clear view for everyone to see or wandering in the wild or protecting its territory from other animals, much like this one. Besides, such sightings are also a great reminder to the humans that we need to preserve the wild and animals as tigers in India are facing extinction.