Asha Bhosle’s Sarcastic Tweet Thanking Alexander Graham Bell Is a Reality Check on How Badly Mobile Phones Are Affecting Us (View Pic)
Asha Bhosle With Her Friends (Photo Credits: @ashabhosle/ Twitter)

Technology has changed our lives. Humans have invented and developed the tech-tools to make the best of our lives. But we all know, how severely it has affected us. And the advent of social media, has made it even worse. Especially to situations, when you witness a room full of people busy in nothing but checking their phones. A similar episode has been experienced by our very own playback singer Asha Bhosle. On her Twitter account, the iconic singer posted a picture sarcastically, thanking the inventor Alexander Graham Bell. Her post talked about the time we are living in where our mobile phones and the internet has taken us all. It is a reality check that we need to know! 7 Throwback Pictures Of The Legendary Singer Asha Bhosle Will Make Your Saturday Melodic. 

The 85-year-old singer wrote, “Bagdogra to Kolkata… Such good company but still, no one to talk to. Thank you Alexander Graham Bell.” The viral image shows the vocalist sitting in what appears like a waiting room, with her friends and popular singers Sudesh Bhosle and Siddhant Bhosle. Asha Bhosle was the only one without any electronic device in her hand. Asha Bhosle Appreciates Music Sense of Bengalis, Says She is not Flooded with Requests for Humming her Popular Tracks. 

View Pic of Asha Bhosle With Friends Who Are Busy on Their Phones.

Twitterati can’t agree more! Many of the social media users voiced that they too have been in parallel situations and others commented that they would never “dare to look” at their phones in the presence of the legendary singer. We feel sadder for those present in the room, losing the opportunity to interact with Asha Bhosle.